By most measurable terms, Philippine democracy has come of age. It's time a MODERN Opposition steps up.
Paving the way for restrictions on abortion sets back women's rights over their bodies in the United States and puts Filipino "liberals" on notice.
The first step the Philippine Opposition needs to take to rebuild its camp is to admit to itself that it lost the 2022 elections.
Philippine society now free after 36 years of liberal and communist gaslighting revisits its conservative roots.
An economic perfect storm is set to be exploited by a butthurt Opposition.
The journey over the next six years: Filipinos refocus on what really matters to them and not on what matters to a small privileged elite.
Trust in mainstream media is being revoked by a public increasingly sceptical about the "public service" they say they deliver.
Filipinos need a better and modern Philippine Opposition. Expecting this new Opposition to be formed by the usual suspects from the same camps is…
The Ateneo, Reuters, Rappler, and the usual suspects seemingly conspire to MISLEAD Filipinos into thinking an enormous number of people are "panic…
An entire generation of privileged youths with cognitive faculties stunted by isolation and digital opiates grapple with ideological defeat
Bongbong Marcos puts the 'M' back in Malacañang. Legitimately.
As the sun sets on the Duterte administration the new Marcos government aims to keep the lights on until June.